La candelaria

Celebrated on the weekend most near February 2


Candelaria Festival is celebrated on the weekend most near February 2. It is a holiday that supports the tradition of igniting night bonfires for the neighborhoods, concerning which the young persons play and jump.













Is a variable holiday in the month of February



Carnival is a variable holiday in the month of February. The carnival days, the entire people goes out to to silence and the masks proliferate in Palm, especially in the central axis of the streets Plaza of the Constitution and Plaza of Spain. The most important days of our carnival are Sunday, Monday and Shrove Tuesday and the first Sunday of Lent when the whole people goes out to the street with his masks, large masks and disguises.










Corpus Christi


Corpus christi is a Catholic religious celebration that has a wide impact popular in our town. held 60 days after Easter Sunday so the date is variable. in our town, corpus christi is celebrated with the procession of a custody of seat of alfonso tapia. This custody is made up of two distinct parts made in Silver.
the first of these bodies is of Renaissance style and dates from the third quarter of the sixteenth century. the second body is of Baroque style. The different brotherhoods and associations raise altars of worship along the route of the procession and the boys and girls who have taken communion accompany custody in its journey through the streets of our city.









Feria de Mayo


Trade fairs in May and August may fair is the first fair of the year, coinciding in its origin with the eve of the gathering. the booths, with its musical attractions and popular dances, constitute the main reason for animation. held the weekend closest to May 20.



Feria de Agosto

Real fair in August is held the weekend nearest to August 24. It has its roots in the century xv, moment in which to Martín Fernández portocarrero, juan ii granted a fair free and perpetual, that last fifteen days since the assumption of the Virgin, privilege which would be ratified years later by the Catholic Kings.
This fair coincides with the time of return of immigrants to be reunited with his countrymen. residents of the nearby towns also leverage to come and enjoy the festivities in Palma del Río.






Festivities in early September


Is the Festival in honor of the Patron Saint, the Virgin of Bethlehem, first with the procession followed by the candle and the solemn on September 8 with the procession, Fireworks and fire Bull. On the eve of the procession takes place in the chapel of Bethlehem the announcer proclamation of festivities that brings together a large number of devotees. on Sunday, morning and early hours, a Rosary of the aurora, followed by a mass prayed in the chapel. in the afternoon, the image of the Virgin of Bethlehem is transferred to the parish of the assumption, accompanied by couples dressed in riding with regional costumes, decorated floats and a large number of devotees. the days prior to September 8 held a candle that is festive hub of cordoba and the provincial Council and the plaza de Andalucía avenues. the Patron Saint is taken out in procession, which ends with the traditional bull of fire and a fireworks show.









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