Palma del Río, town of barros by tradition, has a great artisanal wealth that has been inherited over the centuries, and which today characterizes this town of ancient traditions.
The ceramic is an essential in Palma del Río exponent, since it employs a mud of exceptional characteristics, specifically, palmeño, artisans to transform into bowls, jugs, tiles...
These artisans are those that belong to the company mud Palma S.C.A., artisan workshop that uses ancient techniques, with the aim that don't get lost in time, and also responsible for the signage of the town.
Forging and artistic woodworking are one more example, that along with the imagery and the embroidery of gold and silver identify tradition and good palmeno craft do.


They can be found:

Poligono Industrial Mataché, parcela 67-68

Phone: 957 645 602













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