Palma del Río is also known as 'cradle of great bullfighters' and is without doubt one of the most essentially bullfighting towns in the province of Cordoba, becoming this constant in their numerous pastures dedicated to the breeding of the Bull.

The existence in the fields of palma del rio of herds of bulls of lidia was that created in the village ambiance of fondness for the national party par excellence, the bulls, manifested by groups of young people eager for glory and money, many of them stacked in notable matadors of foot and horse, which achieved remarkable resonance, among which: Manuel Benítez "El Cordobés", “El Palmeño”, Palm River, the barquillero, vicente linares child, sisters toreras...; There is even a book by dominique lapierre and larry collins entitled "you'll mourning for me," referring to Palma del Río.

Although with the passing of the years the passion for bullfighting has been falling, in general, still is apparent in the taurine club of Palma del Río, located in Rioseco Street.











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