Parque Valparaíso 





It is a children recreational park located in one of the most crowded zones of the city that also has a lot of commercial activity.


It has various spaces for kids divided in two play areas for kids between 1-6 years old and from 5 to 12 years old, an area for the elderly with different elements to promote physical and mental health and, finally, another area for pets with games, a space for their physical exercises and specific bins. The park is a wi-fi area, security surveillance and a bar.










     Children Park “La Ribera de los Niños”





Paseo Alfonso XIII (junto al mirador del río Genil)


This children park has five areas that tell the history of the evolution of men and the technological revolution in thirty-four big games, some of them as innovative as Forest and the electronic game Neox. The park is opened from 9 a.m. and closes late so children can enjoy all the services offered in this funny place.








      Children Park “Los Juegos del Agua”





Paseo Alfonso XII


Children water recreational park where they can play with water tunnels and springs that come form the floor, the striking game Escorpión and the joy that challenges the force of the water in big track where they fight the high temperatures of the summer in Palma del Río.






   parque agua





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