“Pagos de Huerta” represent a unique asset of Palma del Río. It is of ancient settlements of peasants who lived in the vicinity of their gardens. They represent the history of the municipality and its main value is their uniqueness in the Iberian orography, since they emerged as a result of the meanders of silty grounds on the banks of the guadalquivir and genil rivers.

At present much of the same has been lost, being mainly the best preserved for the use and pleasure of the families who are their owners. However, some like the Pedro Díaz or La Graja stand out for their good preservation, being a clear example of life that took place there.











Since the middle ages is known the existence of Orange in these lanas, that have been increasing their surface with the effort of market gardeners and production. In these payments even you can visit farms of the "cadenera", a variety of local Orange and that occurs in tall Orange and whose uneconomic collection makes that it is disappearing a variety that is part of the history of these lands also other varieties can be found as “Salustiana”, "Navel", "Navelina", "Navelate" or "Newhall".







“Pagos de Huerta” had a greater role in other times. Many families lived in these holdings forming small settlements where were all the basic necesitéis. In 1950, these payments had about 1.800 inhabitants.

Houses have changed a lot, but apparently some preserved the original structure. However, the old buildings are in poor condition.

Listing of payments of huerta: El Corvo, Las Delicias, El Higueral, La Chirritana, El Pizón, El Carrascal, Duque y Flores, La Barquera, Pimentada, El Rincón, Pedro Díaz, Arriel y La Graja










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