Traditional products:




Our gastronomy is characterized by a great variety of local products that unify the products obtained form the mountains and the products obtained form countryside. Thus, we can find different vegetables like beans, artichokes and asparagus that can be mixed with oranges in a great variety of dishes. In the same way, the mountains offer our gastronomy the products of hunting as the meat of the wild boar, the partridge, the pigeon and the rabbit, although without any doubt the typical product par excellence of Palma del Río are the oranges.













The confluence of the Rivers Guadalquivir and Genil make the lands in Palma del Río one of the most fertile and productive lands in Andalusia. It is for this reason that the oranges that are cultivated here have a different flavor and a characteristic texture and sweetness. For this same reason, we have almost all the varieties of oranges in our orchards.


All these products are mixed in our gastronomy in dishes as the gazpacho of dry beans, sautéed wild asparagus, fried eggs with oranges and quail with oranges.






Typical dishes


After knowing and studying all the previous products, this knowledge has been used in the hotel industry. We can underline the following dishes elaborated with typical products from Palma del Río




Gazpacho of dry beans:


- Dry beans

- Garlic

- Salt

- Oliva Oil

- Vinegar

Sautéed wild asparagus:


- Wild Asparagus

- Eggs

- Ham

- Salt

- Olive Oil


Fried eggs with oranges:


- Eggs

- Olive oil

- Oranges

- Garlic

- Bechamel

- Butter 

Quail with oranges


- 12 quails

- 100 gr of butter

- 1 glass of brandy

- 2 glasses of white dry wine

- 2 carrots

- Thyme,  laurel, salt  and pepper



- 4 egg whites

- 200 gr of sugar




Oranges’ pudding:


- 4 glasses of orange juice

- 4 boxes of orange flavoured jelly

- 3 glasses of water

- 1 jar of condensed milk

- 3 spoons of sugar

Sweet oranges:


- 14 oranges

- 1 kg of sugar

Oranges’ cake:


- 1 plain yoghourt

- 2 small glasses of sugar

- 2 small glasses of flour

- 3 eggs

- 1 package of baking powder

- 1/2 glass of olive oil

- Juice of 2 oranges and its sliver




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