Palma del Río is an Andalusian town located in the province of Córdoba Geographically, it is situaded in the West of the province, between the Rives Guadalquivir and Genil. It shares irs borders with the Córdoba villages of Hornachuelos and Fuente Palmera and the Sevillian villages of Peñaflor, Lora del Río, La Campana, Fuentes de Andalucía. La Luisiana y Écija.

It has an extension of 200,19 km 2 and in the year 2011 it counted with a population of approximately 21457 inhabitants.  The inhabitants are called palmeños y palmeñas




The access to the city of Palma del Río can be made through various means of transport:     


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Córdoba - Palma del Río: 53 KM. Seconday road A-431. You can also access Palma del Río through Córdoba by the highway A-4 to La Carlota and from La Carlota to Palma del Río (35,4 KM) by the secondary road A-440

Sevilla - Palma de Río: 91 KM. Secondary road a-4

Écija - Palma del Río: 28 KM. Secondary road A-453

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Nowadays there is no bus service from Sevilla to Palma del Río.





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You can see the map of Palma del Rio here, or download our street map at this link.




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